What a great turn out last night in Riverhead, we have over 20 ladies and many of these new faces come and hear myself, Jade Pluck of Virtually Anywhere and Emma Cox of Cox Consultancy talk about using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging for business.

What became apparent was a lot of people set up profiles for social networking sites but then don’t know how to apply them to business, I hope we answered some of the questions you had and we will be sending the documents to all those that attended.

We will be running more targeted sessions next year on specific social networking sites, in the aim to help you further.

My tips before you start using social media is: how much time do you have to spend on it per week? What areas are people in the same field as you using? it’s always best to reaserch before you dive in, lastly take one at a time and dont become overwhelmed.

Please share you social media contact details in our linkedin dicussion here and lets all connect with each other.

Until next time …

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