“Keep calm and build resilience”
reads the poster advertising the community events in a village near to where I live in Kent.

I see a range of activities that aim to bring together the residents regardless of age or gender. There are exhibitions, demonstrations, fun activities and a social element that encourages people to meet up and get involved. The tagline proudly states “building community resilience”. Bravo!

Reflecting on this display of community spirit, it occurs to me that building personal resilience requires a similar set of approaches. Here are ten tips that will have a positive impact on your ability to deal with challenging situations:

It is good to talk

Build a network of like-minded people who will encourage and support you through good times and bad. Being isolated during testing times distorts and magnifies a sense of fear and dread. A strong social and professional network is invaluable and will ground you.

Raise your pulse

Find time to exercise: play a sport, walk, dance, run up the stairs, cycle – or my own personal favourite – hula hoop! It doesn’t matter what you do, just get moving. The effort will invigorate and energise you.

Mind your mindset

Our beliefs and attitudes shape our reaction to events. Watch out for negative self-talk. Foster a growth mindset by seeing the effort you make as the key to success. In the face of setbacks or mistakes, focus on what you are learning and how you might apply this in the future. This will enable you to thrive in the face of a challenge.

Get enough rest

Sleep is a wonderful restorative and can help you cope with the difficulties life puts in your path. Catnapping is a great way to catch up too.

Practice mindful minutes

Just a couple of minutes spent in the deliberate practice of living in the moment can quiet the mind, improve your mood and bring clarity to your thoughts.

Drink enough water

A simple yet effective way to keep your brain and body in tip-top condition. Don’t wait until you are thirsty as this is a sure sign that you are already dehydrated.

Tame your workload

Undertaking an audit of all the things you are involved in, then use the technique of ditch, do, delegate to bring it under control. Do this without passing judgment on what resource might or might not be available to support you. This way you will have a clear-eyed view of what is truly important and what is not.

Keep breathing

Take a few minutes to breathe properly. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Enjoy the feeling of being composed through a focus on the breath. It is free and easy to apply!

Be grateful

Start your day reflecting on three things that make you feel positive and happy. Share the feeling by practising ‘random acts of kindness’. Make your first email, text or phone call an occasion to thank someone for their help or to notice their effort.

You are the CEO of your responses in any situation

Choose how you react and reflect on the difference a measured approach has on your well-being and ability to cope.

Guest blog post by Beverly Landais of Beverly Landais Executive Coaching

Beverly is an accredited executive coach and trained facilitator.

She is MD of Beverly Landais Executive Coaching and comes to coaching from a senior business background. Her sector expertise spans legal, financial and insurance services. Her leadership style, people management and marketing skills have been honed over 30 years of working in the City of London. Beverly’s career includes posts as Head of Marketing at Lloyd’s of London, Head of Brand & Communication at Lombard Asset Finance, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Baker & McKenzie LLP (UK) and Marketing Director & Business Coach at wealth management firm, Saunderson House. She was also CEO of Devereux Chambers. Beverly has solid board-level experience through serving as a trustee of the Chartered Management Institute and chairing their External Affairs and Insight Committee

To find out more about Beverly Landais and the coaching she offers to help executive women visit www.beverlylandais.co.uk or email her on connect@beverlylandais.co.uk



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