If you have a company blog, you’re familiar with what blogging is. If not then check out ours to get an idea of the things we like to write about. Guest blogging simply refers to writing a post (or several over time!) for a blog that is not your own. A guest post tends to be non-promotional in nature and take a more informative stance. At the end of the blog post you can usually write a short bio about you or your company with a website link back to your own website.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Increase exposure: Guest blogging is great for raising your profile and giving you exposure to a whole new audience.  People who have never heard of you before will read your post and may well visit your website as a result – giving you a whole new bunch of potential customers!

Put yourself out there as an expert: Guest blogging can help to show your expertise in the eyes of your target audience. The more in-depth, well-researched posts you publish on authoritative blogs, the more chances you will get to communicate and interact with people through the conversations it starts.

Promotion through others social media channels: Your blog post is likely to be shared on others social media channels, thus connecting you with a wider network.

Improve your search engine rankings: In addition to all of the above, guest blogging provides you with a link back to your site (inbound link) which helps build trust and increase the reputation of your website in the eyes of Google.

7 Top tips for Guest Blogging:

 1. Always have new content for guest posts, as reproduced articles will work against you     for SEO purposes.                                                                                                                 2. Understand the audience you’re going to address                                                           3. Create killer headlines                                                                                                       4. Ask questions to spark conversation                                                                                5. Make it interesting                                                                                                              6. Ensure there are no grammatical mistakes (Google is grammar-conscious also)        7. Keep it simple!

 Fancy being a guest blogger for Women in Business West Kent? With over 60 members in Tunbridge Wells & the surrounding area it’s a great place to start. Good exposure on Twitter/Facebook & LinkedIn too! Send us your blog entries at http://wibwestkent.org.uk/guestblogs.html we look forward to hearing from you… 

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