Sharon Keown of Eightoaks and Judith Curran who recently joined Loch Associates gave a short  informative talk followed by leading a lively debate with the audience on:

  • Employment versus   Self Employed Status?
  • Key criteria that HMRC use to establish an individual’s tax status?
  • Factors that the Courts look at when establishing an Employed or Self Employed status
  • Legal impact of being an Employee as opposed to Self employed
  • Tax and Legal Treatment of Termination Payments.
  • What happens if you get your tax status wrong? And where does the responsibility for any shortfall in tax lie?

The audience ranged from individuals who ran their own businesses through to those who headed HR teams in large corporations, each providing their own first-hand accounts of challenges they had encountered in the Employment versus Self Employment debate.

If you would like to speak with Sharon or Judith please email them: or

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