savvy womanEntering the world of business and finding your way around as a savvy woman in this generation has never been more exciting, more so as there are opportunities at every corner to exercise your Entrepreneurial spirit without any boundaries. However, getting carried away within your new found vocation, business or enterprise can contribute to loss of focus and clarity. Drifting with the momentum has the benefits of allowing your creativity to run riot, but as with all runners, running aimlessly not knowing which direction to follow can cause more damage than possibilities.

To avoid this at all costs, ask yourself these 7 basic questions to ensure you remain savvy, focused and with a clear direction ahead:

  1. What do I want? What is your vision for your business, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years from now? Don’t only focus on the business exclusively, but essentially what lifestyle do you want to create? There is no point creating a business that has you busy 24/7, when your purpose for creating your business was so that you could spend more time with your family or have more free time.
  1. My big fat why? The ‘why’ will keep you focused and in business long after the excitement has worn off. Remind yourself why you created your business, Who did you want to serve and why? What is it about your product or service that makes it so unique and valuable?  Keep reminding yourself of this, save it on a post-it- note, stick it on the fridge door if you have to, or automate reminders on your phone. Live your ‘why’ and breathe it as passion is infectious.
  1. Who inspires me? Connect with people who inspire you. This is a great motivator and I have not hesitated to contact someone on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin and followed this up with a meeting to get to know them. Remember that who you surround yourself is pretty importany and has a huge impact on your life and work. Aim for people who have a tremendously positive energy and vibe, who have overcome adversity and who motivate you.
  1. Should I join a mentoring or mastermind group? This is a great way to keep motivated, set intentions and goals to make yourself accountable with a group of like minded women (or men). I joined Damsels in Success last year and it has been incredibly beneficial to meet up monthly, have our own facebook group, motivate each other on our business journey, push each others comfort zones, self esteem and confidence. The marvellous aspect of this group is that each of us celebrate any developments or achievements (however small) each month.
  1. Why is my unique selling point important? The USP is a magnet for your ideal client. The goal is to connect more strongly with some customers and less with others in order to spread your influence. It is important to communicate this in marketing materials. To do this, reflect on What is different about you? How do you differ from all the businesses out there doing exactly the same? Find your uniqueness, involve family members and friends as sometimes it can be beneficial to hear how others describe us.  Find your USP and market this as strongly and creatively as you can.
  1. Why should I focus on brand development? It is crucial to unleash your brand by focusing on what you stand for. Focus on this before creating a website, logo or business cards. Once you’re clear what you message is, remember that this is the bridge that links you to your audience. Consistency is key in all of these and how you express your message and voice on social media is really important. Are you personable or corporate? Spontaneous or structured? Have a psychological understanding of your ideal client and market to them. Your brand ‘voice’ needs to be consistent.

The most valuable tool I have learnt throughout my journey as a Writer and Coach has been patience, not get excessively busy or aimlessly plodding at work that has no purpose. Reflection and an opportunity to take a step back has been hugely important.

Ploughing through a business like a bull in a china shop is one of the most expensive ways we can loose focus, but re-routing consistently is the name of the game. I can’t promise that you won’t get lost in overwhelm along this journey, but like every good car satellite navigation system, your insights and reflection points allow you to stop along the business path and observe where you are. Listen to your heart and ask yourself, What are you loving about your business? What could you delegate to others and what should you eliminate all together?

It is important to question and constantly be curious, learning along the way is valuable beyond measure. The priority in setting up a business is not a ‘get rich quick’ business  and ensure a 6 figure income, but to be passionate about what you do.  To find purpose, to wake up each morning loving the journey and what you’re creating and if you make good money out of it, that’s simply a bonus, not the be all and end all. Be passionate, creative, purposeful and focused and everything else will follow.

What stage are you in your business and what questions are you asking? Would love to read comments about your own individual journey.

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