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It seems that every company wants a slice of the social media pie as a means to promoting their business or product beyond the reach of their website. And whilst the ability for them to connect to more people than ever before is undeniable, you have to fully understand the medium if you want your business to get the most from it.

As one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your business, here are a few things to think about when considering the use of social media.

1. Do you really need it?

There’s no value in just creating an account and ‘sticking something up’. The whole point of social network sites is to create a social dialogue between you and your customers. It’s a two way door of sharing within a given community – so if you don’t intend to regularly manage that process, then don’t waste your customers’ time, they won’t appreciate it.

2. Create meaningful conversations

Creating content for social networks gives your business the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insight which can be used to your advantage. Think about it as a form of targeted market research that won’t cost you very much. People love to give their opinions if they feel strongly about something so capitalize on this and make sure you follow up with responses.

3. Give credit to the community

If the community have effected change to your business or product then let them know. They will be delighted to learn how they have helped shape things and will be more likely to continue to contribute in the future.

4. Don’t hide

Your brand is important so use it to its full advantage. Customize pages wherever possible to align with your brand. You want people to engage with your brand no matter where the entry point. Some may be seeing it for the first time, so it’s important that there is integrity and consistency across all digital channels. If you intend to run campaigns or competitions, it’s important that people understand what you are trying to achieve and why they should get involved – even more so when it is being done within the confines of a social networking site.

5. Negative feedback is a positive

Companies love getting positive feedback, but what happens when you have negative comments from the community? Well, it can actually be a good thing. Research shows that people are more trusting of a company when there is a mix of good and bad feedback, and by working on those negative comments to turn them into positives shows that you have listened.

6. Get maximum exposure by cross promoting

If you’ve got valuable things to say, then make sure you give your audience the best chance to listen by using your website, email, blog, and social media channels as vehicles to cross promote content and drive traffic to exactly where you want it. Customer experience is all encompassing, and your online suite of marketing tools should all talk to each other to ensure maximum exposure, especially where search engines are concerned.

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