selling from the heartDo you know how to sell in a way that feels authentic and comfortable?

For you and for your client?

We were privileged to learn about ‘Selling from the Heart’ at the WIB October meeting with Catherine Watkin. Catherine is an expert in sales with over 20 years’ experience and she shared how being authentic is key to your success.

People buy from people they like, know and trust.

Set the scene and take the client on a journey showing you understand their needs and it should naturally lead to them wanting to work with you.

Do you know the origin of ‘sales’?

Selja = ‘to serve’ so think of sales as service.

Sales should feel smooth and easy. It should be a natural progression when you take your clients on a journey.

Think of your clients first

You need to put the needs of the clients first and have an authentic conversation where you behave naturally and believe in what you do.

Giving them reassurance that what you can offer them will help them with a problem they may be experiencing.

  • Develop trust
  • Then deliver your service
Your service begins at the moment someone shows an interest in you.
Be honest with potential clients and know when someone should or  shouldn’t work with you.
You do need to ensure you are selling something that someone actually wants to buy.


Some of the major challenges in sales are

  • Confidence
  • Closing the sale
  • Not confident about pricing
  • Struggling to articulate your value
  • Not wanting to seem pushy or salesy.
Closing a sale is one of people’s biggest fears. If you focus on closing a sale it becomes very one sided and not about the client.
The only closing should be ‘So would you like to go ahead?’


Myths about selling

You need to know how to close the sale
People dislike doing sold to
Sales is about pursuing the client whether they like it or not
You need to be thick skinned to be successful


4 elements of heart centred sales


Connection on a number of levels
  • Connection to the people you went into business to help
  • Making the best outcome for your client a priority
  • Switch the energy from fear and contraction to trust and faith
Tip: Have a connection ritual before your sales calls and sales situations. E.g some way to uplift your energy. Dance around the room.


  • You must really believe that working with you is the best solution for the client
  • You must know that the outcome they will get is worth their investment
  • The. Only conversations suddenly become much more comfortable
Tip keep a success notebook. Add stories, testimonials etc and you can review it for material to use in publicity.


  • Safety that they can trust you enough to work with you.
  • Safety in the sales conversation – that you are not going to be pushing them into anything
  • Faltering over the money stuff feels unsafe
Tip: Take the lead in the conversation. Guide it as you want it to go so value comes before price. Demonstrate the investment.


  • Have a system, e.g. a 7 step system, with a structure to guide your sales conversations you feel more confident and in control.
  • Prevents getting caught up in friendly chat that feels good but doesn’t lead anywhere.
  • Removes the need to learn and use ‘closing techniques’
Tip: start by practising a simple structure.
  1. Ask questions and actually listen to the answers
  2. Offer a solution. Explain what you do and you may be able to help them
  3. Take the next step. Book a meeting etc.

3 tips for non pushy sales

 People can misinterpret your non-pushiness.
  1. Set it up as a two way process. It might not be right I don’t work with everyone. Let’s have a chat to explore whether I can help you.
  2. Get permission. Thank you for sharing, it’s been very useful to help me understand your situation. Is it ok to talk about how I could help you?
  3. Rein in your passion. Temper it.
Share your products and services.
Ask permission to share. e.g. ‘I’m going to invite you to join it.’
Tap into feelings… ‘I’m not going to be pushy, invite you to join me if you think it right for you’.


More about Catherine Watkin

Catherine has a free video training course – The 7 steps to Yes and you can find out more and sign up on her website


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