Do you know what motivates you?

Leilani MitchellIt may not be what you think… Our early memories, especially negative ones, are very significant in our later behaviour. Leilani Mitchell of The Link Centre gave us some fascinating insights into how our minds work at the Women in Business West Kent meeting in July.

  • We create our own motivation and you can’t remain motivated all of the time (your brain needs a break!)

Increased self awareness has significant impact on self esteem – Leilani Mitchell

  • We motivate ourselves from inspiration or desperation.  Either for creativity, positivity and fun or to avoid something bad.

Leilani recommended we consider our core values and ask ourselves why we do what we do. Is it about quality of life, helping others or boosting our own self esteem?

Tina Chatfield took some brilliant photos of us all. See them here

A final quote from Leilani

Time wasted enjoyed is not time wasted – Leilani Mitchell

If you would like to learn more about Leilani and the courses she runs, take a look at the website

Our next meeting is on Thursday 28 August at St Julians in Sevenoaks where we will be speed networking. Hope to see you there!

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