On 22 May our Guest Speaker Francesca Boorman from Utility Warehouse gave us some great tips on how to balance home and work life and why it is vital that we do so.

Fran’s background

Fran explained her vision for her role when she grew up was to be a “domestic goddess” – able to run the home, care for her children and husband.  Her second vision was to be a successful business woman.  She was told as a child that she could not have it all.  Fran wanted to prove that you could have the best of both worlds – which she did!  She achieved the career she wanted AND was able to be a stay at home mum!
She learned this through “doing” and knowing her “why”.  Fran showed us a visual aid to explain.  She took a fairly large jar and asked a volunteer to put some plastic eggs into the jar until she could fit no more in.  Fran then asked, could she fit anything else in the jar?  Then she pulled out some pebbles and asked the volunteer to fill the jar with the pebbles, which took up the empty spaces.  Fran asked again… was it full?  Then pulled out some couscous and the volunteer then filled up the remaining tiny spaces in the jar with the couscous.

Fran’s analogy

  • Jar = Our lives
  • Eggs = Really important things in our lives – family, friends
  • Pebbles = Things you want – car, business etc…
  • Couscous = Stuff you have to do

By putting in the eggs first, pebbles second and couscous third you can fit more in than putting in the couscous or pebbles first.

So why should your business be your  “egg”?

You need to make your business as important as your family and friends.  A lot of people think that successful business owners do it for the money but the best leaders do not.  Her own father, also a successful business man had been asked in an interview why he did what he did and he replied “It’s just what I do”.  So find what motivates you!

Know your why

Fran showed us a clip from Simon Sinek (YouTube – “Start with Why Simon Sinek TED Talk”) about why Apple as a company is so successful.  They know their “Why”.  Most companies work from the point of view of explaining what they do and how they do it, not ever mentioning their “why”.  Apple and other successful companies do the opposite – they explain their “why”, how and then what they do.

Find your own why and you will be untouchable.  By solving other people’s problems you make your own life better.  Make your business a “feel good egg” – something you would choose and enjoy doing… even if you didn’t get paid!

Fran’s future vision

Fran’s new vision is to be able to say to her future grandchildren that she was at the start of her company’s journey when they only had 1% share of the market and now every household uses Utility Warehouse, and say she was a part of that.  This vision makes her untouchable.

Tips for balancing home and work life

You need to find your own reason, your why and become untouchable. How do you then fit the pebbles in??

  • Make slots for daily activity for the business
  • Find ways to multi task (Fran used to walk around the house, caring for children, looking after the house, whilst on a hands free headset making phone calls)
  • Build the business around your circumstances (Fran built hers around her children)
  • Personal Development – very important (Fran recommended 3 books (or audio books) – The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson).
  • Leverage your time (Fran explains her business runs a network marketing structure, utilising the power of people so you have more hours input into your business.  She explains how this works using Elton John as an example – he writes a song once and every time someone buys the song he gets paid time and time again, then he started a record company and mentored others and gained income time and time again from their songs.)  Try to get something your clients can use without you being there, or find a way to leverage your time, perhaps mentoring others who are independently responsible & earning so you can gain a little income from them too to make the most of what you do.

If you would like to know more about Fran – www.facebook.com/UWFranBoorman

Many thanks to Kim Wheeler for taking the notes for this blog post during the meeting.

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