LinkedInButtonThe Women in Business (West Kent) February meeting saw us back at St Julian’s in Sevenoaks, with a fantastic turnout. The draw that evening was Emma Cox of Cox Consultancy, who shared lots of helpful tips for using LinkedIn to boost your business profile and generate more business.

  • Fact number 1 – two people join LinkedIn every second.
  • Fact number 2 – the UK is the second biggest user (after the US), with 13m LinkedIn users in the UK alone.

No wonder then that so many members and guests were keen to hear what Emma had to say!

Emma shared a number of key points with us such as:

  • The importance of your headline – this defaults to your current position and many people don’t realise that it can be edited in order to include key words and have greater impact.
  • The summary section is another area to concentrate on key words. The first two lines of text will appear in searches and the entire summary should be written in order to attract people to you. It’s also a good place to include examples of your results.
  • Endorsements – whilst it’s nice to be endorsed by others, don’t feel obliged to return the favour, particularly if you are unsure of their expertise. When completing the skills section of your LinkedIn profile, you will see when you start typing, that LinkedIn provides its own list of skills/knowledge which you can select as a skill area. Emma explained that it’s best to use this list rather than creating your own and also highlighted that they don’t currently influence search results, although who’s to say this won’t change.
  • Onto recommendations! Emma urged us to seek recommendations from current and former colleagues –at least one per role, and preferably several for a current role since this demonstrates credibility to others.

The final part of the session focussed on how to use your LinkedIn network effectively. Emma suggested using it for:

  • Asking for recommendations
  • Requesting introductions
  • Recruiting others (either as employees or associates)
  • Finding companies that you’re interested in, and potential contacts in those companies
  • Following companies to hear their latest news, and following influencers for interesting material to share.

The meeting ended with the usual opportunity to make new contacts and catch up with familiar friends. More unusually (and very pleasantly!), it also ended with chocolate, thanks to Lisa Tallon of Live for Travel.

Claire Carr

Claire Carr

Written by Claire Carr of SkilledCV and The People and Project Consultancy

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