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Tell us what is your least favorite task?

In my last blog I asked what makes you procrastinate, defined as putting off doing things needlessly. I suggested looking at the benefits of doing something and the consequences of not doing it as a way prioritising your time.

So what stopped me writing my blog last week?

I didn’t do a blog as my VA Lauren, who normally posts it on WordPress, is away so I didn’t have my normal deadline. But when all is said and done, writing is not my favourite activity. I like to be in front of people, to listen and interact. I prefer to be with people than write so that’s what I did and I had no one to be accountable to but myself.  But I recognise the merits of blogging in my business so I know I need to knuckle down and write. Once I get immersed into it I’m fine!

So here are 5 key tips to get you and me going on tasks that may not be our favourite activity!

  • Firstly, make sure you are the only one who has to do the task – delegate what you can so you  spend time on what only you can do
  • Know how long the task should take you and schedule time in your diary to get it done
  • If you answer to no one but yourself, find yourself an accountability buddy with whom you can agree  deadlines, someone who you know will chase you up!
  • Consider the task as you would an important prospect so you don’t put it off or reschedule
  • Focus all your energy of getting that task completed in the time you allocated

Denise Molloy is a business and personal performance coach who works with small business owners to be more productive and profitable. Find out more about how she can support you and your business here

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