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The 3 step approach is the beginning on the road to health.

Sarah Pringle gave a really inspiring talk about strength, energy and health and how they affect our business performance.

  • Your thoughts
  • Your environment
  • Your nutrition

First thing in the morning

Thoughts – Ask yourself every morning when you wake up ‘How do I feel?’

Your surroundings

Environment- Do you have a supportive partner or family?

What you eat

Nutrition – How do you feel about what you are eating today?

Good health =  a successful life and business

Without health we have nothing. Your business is a mirror of your thoughts and your strength and health is vital to your business. You can transfer this health into your business.  In the UK 2/3 of start ups fail and in Yorkshire its 80%.  This is down to external influences.  In order to give yourself the best chance you have to see the best within.  ‘ Where there is a woman there is magic’

Common complaints heard from ‘successful ‘business women:

  • No energy
  • Super successful but burnt out
  • No respect from loved ones
  • Juggling too many balls

Women want respect more than fitness. This is the wrong way round, business follows the body, so get healthy first and your business will flourish.

3 simple daily rituals

Actioned daily these help you and your family and have a massive impact on business.

  1. Eat breakfast

This creates a nuclear impact. You have to fuel the body.

  • Do not eat cereals due to the sugar content.
  • No fruit.
  • No fruit juice
  • No yoghurt.
  • Eat as much organic as possible as it helps mindset and behaviour. Meat choices are bacon, chicken, prawn, fish. Organic or grass fed.
  • Eggs.
  • Vegetable smoothies..
  • Stir fries.
  • Avocados. Cook with coconut oil, not vegetable or sunflower.

Obesity has increased massively. In 1972 2-3% of population was obese now it is 60% who are obese or overweight with 32% of children being obese or overweight.

  1. Hydration
  • Drink good quality water – at the very least filtered.
  • Water is the greatest cure for energy and for aging!
  • Drink lemon water which breaks down acidity in our bodies.
  • Coke is the most acidic drink on the market!  Sip through a straw and brush teeth a little while later.
  1. Lymphasise

This helps the drainage system which is key to optimum health. Best method for this is bouncing on the trampoline. Getting our cells to optimum health is the key to energy life and success.



How do you feel?

When asked, women’s daily feelings on waking ranged from:

  • Trepidation
  • Calm
  • Irritated with kids
  • Excited
  • Enthusiastic
  • Thankful
  • Frustrated
  • Slightly jaded

It’s a good idea to ask yourself each morning ‘How do I feel today?’ Feelings bring energy to the forefront.

Also think about what optimum health means to you.  What does optimum health look like? The mind needs to be healthy for the body to be healthy.

What is optimum health?

Optimum health is many things to many people:

  • Energy
  • Concentration
  • No aches and pains
  • Clarity
  • Looking after yourself internally and externally.
  • Balance
  • Being engaged
  • Grounded
  • Happy
  • Calm

What does ‘fit’ mean to a teenager?

Teenagers when asked in a focus group of 13-17 year olds said that ‘fit’ meant to them:

  • Happiness
  • Being able to do what they wanted
  • Harmony and balance

A Business Mastermind group of women when asked what optimum health looked like to them did not relate their body to their health.  They did not perceive success as being in their body. They felt their time would come after their business success. And then they would give themselves time.

  • The first step from burnout to optimum health is your thoughts.
  • The second step is a supportive partner.
  • The third step is eating well.

Nutrition is crucial and how you feel about what you eat and drink is vital.  Like comedy its all about the timing. i.e. eat breakfast and do not eat late at night.

What is the relationship between sumo wrestlers and business women?

Sumo wrestlers are fat storage machines.  Women who eat at the wrong time become the same. If you only eat one or two meals a day you put your body into starvation mode.  Drinking alcohol with a meal stores fat around the tummy which is the body’s way of protecting the liver. When the growth hormone is low the body stores and does not burn.

Business women take on the characteristics of the sumo wrestler by the way they think, what they do and what they eat.  If you have a fat storage body your energy will be low.  From there comes disease.

Energy is your life force and its your duty to protect this!

To find out more check out Sarah’s website Bird on a Bike.

Many thanks to Rebecca Randall for hosting the meeting and writing this blog post.

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