I attended a Ladies at 11 Conference recently where I heard some really interesting speakers from whom I picked up some great and practical tips. This week I’d like to share just some of the tips offered by Voice Coach Laura Hart.

Her tips touched a cord (no pun intended), as I was suffering with a sore throat yet was continuing my coaching timetable regardless of the strain it was placing on my voice – a tool without which I could not survive! So the first tip is about taking care of your voice and the others about how to better use your voice for greater impact.

1. Take care of your voice:

  • Fresh air! With all the air conditioning and central heating we use to keep comfortable, don’t starve your vocal chords of oxygen!
  • Water – drink it, but occasional inhaling of steaming water over a boil with open mouth will give your chords an extra boost
  • If you are suffering with a sore throat – give it a rest and shut up!

2. The need for colour :

  • To give colour to your voice think slow, slow, quick, quick, slow
  • Deliver new content more slowly for comprehension
  • When reviewing content already delivered, speak more quickly

3. Stand and deliver

  • Think where best to position yourself for sound and sight
  • Move your position occasionally – then stand firm and straight
  • Visit as many in the room with direct eye contact

4 Get physical!

  • Use gestures to release your energy overflow
  • Show what you are saying with your hands when you want greater impact
  • Make facial expressions too, it gains interest and attention

You don’t need to be public speakers or Adele to appreciate the need for making the best of one of your most treasured and taken for granted assets. Whatever business you are in, you need to optimise every tool in your kit bag, so make the best of your voice to be a more effective communicator to help you grow your small business.


Laura Hart is a Voice and Speaking Skills Coach. The tips above are just a hint of how Laura helps her client. To find out more visit her website.

Denise Molloy is a business coach who works with owner managers to build a sustainable and profitable business that fits their lifestyle.

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