Caroline Aitken like many mums wondered what she could do when she had a young family as commuting to London was not an option so she thought about what she could do, then an idea came to her, in her local area she needed a magazine that provided parents of children from birth to 11 information on what to do and where to go, so she created Family Interest magazine.

This didn’t happen overnight, it took 3-4 months of planning using her marketing experience, Caroline made sure every area was covered, the main one being that the printing costs were covered by advertising. For this her local community truly had faith in her, as they did not know what to expect, but many came to be regular advertisers in this publication.

It took Caroline 2-3 issues to really find her feet and she had a setback shortly after starting when she was ill and had no one to cover. It was only as this business grew that she outsourced some areas.

Caroline’s magazine really went from strength to strength and by distributing this to schools, nurseries and leisure centres it went from a 12 page publication with 7,500 copies being delivered in Sevenoaks to 6 months later 24 pages with 15,000 copies and by the time Caroline sold this magazine 25,000 copies were going out to Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells each issue.

There really were some fantastic perks to this job for Caroline and her family they were given free entry to pantomime’s and theatres and many free books which she donated to raffles in her local area.

She said she feels incredibly proud to have gone through this process and she gives her clients advice on what she has learnt and the mistakes she has made.
I really do think if you have a unique idea it can really work with your passion and drive to succeed, if you have an idea why not come to one of our networking events and get inspiration from our members, have a look at our events page for more information.

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