Previous events with Women in Business West Kent


June – “Create your own unique and authentic sales process and boost your income” with Audrey Chapman of the Love Selling Academy

Audrey will be showing us how to create and structure a sales process to get more from our leads and enquiries so we actually enjoy selling and to increase our incomes.

May – Question Time

March – Kate Waller – GDPR – what you need to know and how it affects you and your business.

Many of us don’t even know what GDPR stands for let alone what it means for small businesses. In this session, we’ll work through a to-do list together to make sure you and your business are ready for May. An essential session for anyone who handles or collects contact details of any kind, no matter what industry you’re in.

Feb – “Becoming an Influencer” with Emma Cox

Emma Cox will be sharing her insights and showing you how you can use social media and business networking to build a community.

There will be practical tips and exercises you can implement in your own business.

Jan – Let’s Get It Done! Set Your Goals In Motion with Jane Bennett of Essential Woman

Do you always reach your goals? Does it happen easily? For so many people, setting goals is a great exercise but actually reaching them is another story. In this talk Jane will share

• The fundamental mistake people make when setting goals and how to avoid it
• How to really set a goal
• How to set your goals in motion

Jane’s friendly, practical style ensures that you enjoy the talk and get plenty of useful ideas that you can implement, so put the date in your diary now.


Nov – PR with Islay O’Hara

Oct – This book means business – Alison Jones

Sept – Open forum

July – Finding and targeting your ideal clients – Anwen Cooper of Get Fruitful Marketing

To get smarter with your marketing, you need to know your customers better than they know themselves!

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to generate powerful insights about your current and prospective clients, to boost your long term profitability. With the help of some practical exercises you will create your own ideal client profile, and leave with new ways to make your marketing more powerful.


June – How to sell without selling out – Audrey Chapman

In her book LOVE SELLING,  Audrey Chapman shares her revolutionary approach on how to sell without selling out. So how do you do this?  How do you ensure that you’re successful in sales without selling out? It is common for sales literature and sales training to focus on ‘closing’ but in Audrey’s talk she will start a deep conversation about ‘opening’.In her book LOVE SELLING,  Audrey Chapman shares her revolutionary approach on how to sell without selling out. So how do you do this?  How do you ensure that you’re successful in sales without selling out? It is common for sales literature and sales training to focus on ‘closing’ but in Audrey’s talk she will start a deep conversation about ‘opening’.

3 Things that attendees will learn:

  1. How to radically improve your selling success while keeping your integrity intact.
  2. Discover why focusing on ‘closing’ sales can stunt your sales growth.
  3. How to grow your sales, more easily and without any sales pressure on you or your prospects.

May – 3 Steps To Claiming Your Expert Status… Even If You’re Scared Of Being Visible – Nina Cooke

If you’re like many business owners I speak to, you may be holding back from telling your prospects how you can help them to solve their urgent problem because you feel like a fraud. And that can leave you feeling frustrated because you don’t have more clients and your business isn’t growing.

Do you:

• Feel sick with fear about speaking to a group of people, because you’re afraid they’ll judge you and criticise you?
• Find it impossible to share what you’re good at and stand in your expertise, who are you to position yourself as an expert?
• Feel it’s dangerous to be in the spotlight and, deep down, you know this is one of the main reasons your business isn’t growing?

During this talk, I’m going to share:

• The one thing you can focus on so that when you meet someone new, you’re happy to share what you do and how you can help her or him
• How to finally stop worrying about what people think about you so you can get out from behind your computer and enjoy connecting with potential clients
• How to stop feeling like a fraud, and step into your expert status so that you feel excited about telling others how you can serve them

You will walk away from this talk with a shift in the way that you think and feel about being more visible in your business. And plenty of tips and advice that you can implement straight away to help you get more paying clients and have a business you love.

Find out more about Nina Cooke


April 2017 – Finding Inspiration with Melody Savage


March 2017 – “Building your business network” with Emma Cox

Click on the image below to view Emma’s slides.

Building your business network


February 2017 Mindset: Harness the Power of Positive Thinking to Succeed in Business and Life” with Hilary Lees

You are what you think and your business is a mirror of your thoughts. Your thoughts have the power to determine your level of success and therefore need to be positive and encouraging. Yet, as busy professional women, we can sometimes feel so overwhelmed with the demands of our businesses, and maintaining relationships in our wider lives, that this leaves us with little time – and energy – to think about ourselves and be mindful of our thoughts. At times it can be a real struggle to keep the negative self-talk and gremlins of doubt at bay. It’s not our fault when we think negatively, we are wired to respond to stress in this way.

In this workshop Hilary Lees shared with us practical tools, techniques and strategies to help us build a positive psychological mindset, so we can stay energised, resilient and focused in the face of our challenges. These techniques can provide a platform from which we can succeed in our business and life.

January 2017 Public Speaking For Introverts with Aly Harrold

For most people public speaking is an uncomfortable, daunting idea. If you are of a shy introverted disposition the mere thought of it is enough to send you running for cover under a duvet! It’s terrifying, and the worst possible, knee trembling scenario, ……looking out to a sea of expectant faces.

There is a widespread belief that introverted people do not make good speakers. This job should be left with those who do it best the extroverts for whom it seems effortless.

• It is time to stop talking about introversion as something to be overcome!
• It’s time to celebrate the strengths and talents of the introvert as a speaker!
• It’s time, if you are an introvert, to realise that introverts make fabulous and effective speakers, and it’s time to realise introverts possess a strength that many extroverts don’t.

Aly Harrold is a professional speaking coach. She runs workshops and programmes to give the entrepreneurial woman a way to find her voice be heard and be seen. She coaches through group programmes and one to one work. Anything from your ten minute talk at a networking event through to that amazing TEDx Talk you would love to give.

Click on the image below to read more about Aly’s presentation.

Public Speaking as an Introvert


October 2016 – Nicola Huelin “The 10Ps for Business Success”

The 10Ps for business success

September 2016 “How to Fall in Love with Sales” with Catherine Watkin

Improving our sales skills with Catherine Watkin


July 2016 – Question Time

The group took the opportunity to find out more about all our businesses and to ask questions and offer advice to each other.

June 2016 – The Wordless Power of Styling and Body Language

Do you know what impact your appearance has on your business and your personal life?

We send unspoken messages when we meet people and we need to ensure that what we ‘say’ is what we mean to communicate.

Sarah Gillmore and Victoria Sheridan showed us how our appearance affects our success both professionally and personally.

May 2016 – How to Eat for Amazing Energy and Brilliant Brain Power with Rebecca Hirst

Want to get great energy without relying on caffeine, sugar or carbs?
Want to think more clearly, boost your concentration and generate your best ideas yet?

Rebecca Hirst, nutrition expert and founder of Glorious Wellness shared:

• her 3 tried and tested ways to amplify your energy and get your brain firing on all cylinders
• how to silence your dietary diva telling you she needs sugar NOW
• how to Keep It Real: no fads or fancy superfoods required

Rebecca transforms the energy of busy professional women so that they feel gloriously well and accomplish amazing things. She’s coached many busy, almost-burnt-out, caffeine-dependent business women back to vibrant, vital health.

After 20 years being brilliant at marketing, 6 years of which were at Coca-Cola, (the irony’s not lost on her, senior Coke exec turned nutrition expert…) Rebecca left the corporate world to follow what lit her up: helping other busy women to feel gloriously well.

April – Speed Networking

An opportunity meet lots of local business women and enter our business card draw to win membership of Women in Business West Kent

March – Attracting clients on LinkedIn
With a network of 400+ million (20+ in the UK) LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world.
• Are you attracting your ideal clients to view your profile and connect with you?
• Are you demonstrating your expertise?
• Are people recommending you on LinkedIn?
Emma Cox shared tips and gave guidance on how to move beyond the basics of LinkedIn so you become more in demand and known as a “Go To Expert”.

Emma runs Cox Consultancy and provides personalised training on social media for businesses and groups. She also speaks internationally on LinkedIn and social media. Read more about her on LinkedIn and check out the Cox Consultancy blog.

February – Build influence with public speaking

Each and every one of us has the power to influence and persuade within our daily lives. This power is magnified when we find ourselves standing in front of an audience giving a talk or presentation.

Our aim when speaking should be to have the greatest most positive effect that we can on our audience. Leaving them, wanting to work with you, buy from you or desiring to be within your circle of influence having learned something from you.

There are certain things we can do to increase our level of persuasion and influence, which once we start to include them as we speak become habitual for us and can help to make us an effortlessly more effective speaker.

Aly Harrold is a Public speaking coach, mentor and trainer and in the past year has trained two TedX Speakers for TedX Youth Croydon 2015. She works with entrepreneurial women helping them to find their voice and deliver their message. Her clients range from those just starting out who lack confidence in a networking pitch to Business women giving Keynote speeches.

January 2016 “Are “SMART” goals really that smart?” with Caroline Hart


Are SMART goals really that smart?


November –  “7 Secrets of Super Strong Brands” with Anwen Cooper, Get Fruitful Marketing

Branding: The seeds of your future success…


October – Selling from the Heart with Catherine Watkin

Selling from the Heart

September – Speed Networking

Take a look at the gallery for some photos from our speed networking.

Hi Emma, Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the great evening you organised on Thursday – I met some amazing women and it has definitely been one of the best networking events I have ever been to.
Best wishes, Daniela

July – From Freeze to Flow with Aly Harrold


From Freeze to Flow when public speaking



May – 3 secrets to building your reputation with LinkedIn with Emma Cox

Your online profile is vital to your business. Learn how LinkedIn helps you boost your credibility, how to demonstrate your skills and find and attract the right clients for you.

Emma Cox is a highly experienced LinkedIn trainer, consultant and speaker. Her clients range from solopreneurs to medium sized businesses across a wide range of industries and locations. Emma has a background in technology, she knows how systems work and communicates complex ideas so anyone can understand them. Emma Cox of Cox Consultancy on LinkedIn  and on Twitter

April – The Secret role Psychology of Colour plays in Business with Rebecca Randall

Business and the psychology of colour

March – Finding your inner resilience with Katie Day

Finding your inner resilience


Feb – Grown Up Businesses Make More Money with Shirley Mansfield


8 reasons why grown-up businesses make more money


Jan – Pitch to Win with Abigail Bruce

In this session, Abigail shared skills to improve your pitch, including some ‘quick wins’ you can start using immediately and some sound strategies to weave into your business.

Topics covered:
• Profiling your Audience
• Building the Pitch
• Setting the Stage
• Elevator Pitch
• Quick Wins


December – Christmas Drinks

November – David Hill – The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction – make it work for you

Oct- Debbie Buckley – Referral Marketing – The Power of Recommendation

Sept – Julia Russell – Time Management

August – Speed Networking

July – Leilani Mitchell – Motivation and Mindset

June – Rachel Lowe – Selling with Confidence

May – Francesca Boorman – Balancing Home and Work Life

April – Claire Penny – Social Media and SEO

March – Speed Networking

February – Emma Cox – Using LinkedIn Effectively

January – Katie Day – A Voice with Confidence


December – Christmas Drinks

November – Debbie Buckley – The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing

October – Siobhan Stirling – Debunking PR

September – Gemma Farina – HR Hints and Tips

August – Carine Jaquel – Your health

July – Speed Networking

June – Claire Carr – Project Management Hints and Tips

May – Emma Cox – LinkedIn – How and why to use it

April – Claire Penny – how does Twitter work for business?

March – Speed Networking

February – Nicola Deverson – Topical Tax and Accounting Issues

January – Emma Cox – How to network successfully



December – Christmas Drinks

November – Jade Pluck – Email Marketing

October – Emma Cox – Cloud Computing

September – Speed Networking

August – Katie Bennett – Eat Well, Feel Well

July – Liz Almond – Introduction to NLP

June – Lessons learned from a panel of our members

May – Jade Pluck – Social Media update

April – Kay Worth – Presentation Skills

March – Emma Cox – Outlook and MS Office

February – Sarah West – Marketing Action Plan

January – Denise Molloy – Goal Setting for 2012


December – Christmas Drinks

November – Denise Molloy – Working from home

October – Pocket Discussions

September – Sarah West – Marketing for the Small Business

August – Summer Drinks

July – Speed Networking

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