Sharon started her limited company Eightoaks in 2009 and it has really gone
from strength to strength. After leaving her previous job she took 4 months
off to renovate her house and decide what she wanted to do, and now almost 2
years on Sharon wants to share her views on running a business:

– Outsource tasks you don’t enjoy like debt collecting and chasing invoices
– Enjoy the parts of the day you want!
– You really have the want to help your clients and you don’t mind working
the hours to do this. Every day is different Sharon was very lucky to have
the support of fellow colleges from her previous job who started the company
with her.

If you would like any tax advice, accountancy support or have any questions
on your business systems please give Sharon a call, her details are below:
Sharon Keown
Eightoaks Limited
tel: 07855 309869

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