Janice Leahy is a Life and Laughter Coach and she gave us a headstart to the New Year by helping us set our goals for 2019.

This is one of her blogposts to give you a flavour of her work with clients using NLP.

I spend a lot of time with my clients helping them to eliminate their limiting beliefs, enabling them to move on and achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. The thing with this type of belief is they are born out of habit, and it feels easier to let them be our friends, carrying them around with us everywhere we go.

Did you realise you can choose to change this and let go of all those negative beliefs that hold you back?  You can alter your beliefs and your perspective will change.   Imagine your life right now without any limiting beliefs – look at what you could achieve!

A belief is something that we know to be true to us.  Beliefs affect the way we think, feel and act.  The limiting ones are easy to spot as they usually begin with the words “I can’t…..” e.g. sing, do maths, run, bake etc.  Whereas the positive ones start with “I am good at…” and “I know…”

Alongside our beliefs we hold our values, which we use to measure and judge ourselves against what is important in our lives.  They are our principals and standards of behaviour, our ‘code’ if you like.  For example somebody may feel that if they don’t clean the house every week, they are a bad person.

When we have a thought based on our beliefs and values, it triggers a feeling that in turn prompts us to behave in a certain way.  If you alter your beliefs your thoughts will change and so will your behaviour.

So you can see that our limiting and negative beliefs can block our way and hold us back.  We may choose to block off creativity because we feel only artists can be creative, or to block off earning money because we believe we’re no good at it.

Being aware of your limiting beliefs means you can choose to ignore them, and if it proves less than easy to change your mind-set, consider changing the way you act.  For example, if you think “I can’t build new relationships”, stop and make a list of all the new relationships you have built successfully.  No doubt you will be pleasantly surprised.

Also, by becoming more aware of the language you use about yourself to yourself and to others, you can take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours.  If you continually tell yourself you are rubbish at something, and then find the evidence and tell everyone else, are you going to succeed?  Are you giving yourself the best chance to achieve your goal?  No!

Instead, alter your beliefs about yourself, and note the language you are using too, and I guarantee you will see a difference in the way you think and so behave, and as a result, how much you can achieve.

After all you can achieve anything you want to because you are capable of amazing things! 

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