When you start off on Twitter, it is very easy to keep up with what everyone is saying – it only takes five minutes to scroll through the last few hours of tweets. However once you are following around 100 people, the Twitter feed gets very noisy and you may find it hard to keep on top of what certain people are saying, which doesn’t help if you are trying to build those all-important relationships.

The answer – set up TWITTER LISTS.

Why are Twitter lists beneficial for you and your business? You can:

  1. keep up to speed with your twitter friends / clients and reply to their tweets,
  2. start building relationships with potential clients,
  3. RT (retweet) great content to your followers,
  4. expand your knowledge in your area of expertise.

To create a Twitter list:

Go to the ‘lists’ section, found in the screen shot below.

Select ‘create list’ on the right hand side. Give your list a name, for example “People to RT” or “Twitter Friends”. Add a description if you like and then make your list public or private. A public list can be seen by everyone, whereas a private list can only be seen by you. If you have a list of clients, for example, you may want to keep this private.

Then just start adding people to this list. The easiest way to do this is to go into the people you are following, click on the little head as shown below, and click ‘add to lists’.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for business and if you have only just started using Twitter / Social Media for your business, here are a few useful pointers for you.

  • You can schedule posts to come out if you are out of the office (although you will still need to respond to tweets, as well as tweeting in the here and now to build relationships). See previous post on scheduling tweets here.
  • Retweet relevant content that your followers will like to read and say thanks when yours is retweeted.
  •  Show appreciation to followers that have helped / influenced you that week by using the hashtag #ff. If you are unsure about how to use hashtags, see this post.
  • Find people to follow with Twitter lists. If you are added to someone else’s Twitter list, you can see all the people in that list, even if you don’t follow them. This is a great way of expanding the range of people you follow, in a targeted way. For example, if you’re added to a list of London businesses, an area you might also want to target, take a look at who else is in the list. It helps if you search using the people list, rather than the tweets. (Twitter lists are found in the ‘lists’ section and the lists you are a member of are displayed.)

If you need help with setting up Twitter lists, please get in contact. It will only take around 10 minutes. You can also post any questions to me using Twitter or Facebook; I am always happy to help.

For more information on how Virtually Anywhere can help you business with its Social Media needs, please see here.

Post written by Jade Pluck of Virtually Anywhere

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