branding - get fruitfulAnwen Cooper of Get Fruitful Marketing shared 7 secrets and lots of great branding tips with us at the November Women in Business West Kent meeting.

The core of your brand is the key to your future success.

You need to define your core brand

Traditionally branding an animal (where it originated from) was a sign of provenance and good quality.

Branding is all about creating trust and telling stories that your audience can relate to.

A business should have its own brand which is separate from that of the people who own/run it so that a brand can outlive you.

Recently in Tunbridge Wells one of the local solicitors announced they have been trading since 1570 and have the world’s oldest law firm. This has only been possible by creating a brand that people trust.

Anwen shared 7 Secrets of Super Strong brands with us

1st Secret is Passion

Telling your business story to create an emotional connection with your audience.

2nd Secret is Purpose

  • Why did you setup your business?
  • What motivates you?

Your purpose is about your vision.

Ask yourself the questions

  • What vision do I have for myself? For my business? For the world?
  • What impact do I want my business to have?
  • What legacy do I want to leave behind?

3rd Secret is Personality

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would my brand look like?
  • What vehicle would it be?
  • What animal/flower/food/drink?

4th is Pedigree and Plot

Share the history and credentials of the business. Why it was setup. What projects you have completed.

Why should people buy from your business?

Plot links back to Purpose. Where are you going in the future? What is your future story?

Anwen says “Women are more emotionally intelligent that men and naturally share our stories”

Know and be guided by your core principles. Be authentic and have integrity.

Core principles = brand values

5th is Process

Give your clients an excellent experience so you are memorable.

Ensure your processes are customer focused.

6th is Presentation

Think holistically about how you present your business.

Do you engage all 5 senses? Think of the smell associated with Lush or the sound associated with Intel computers.

7th is Proof

Continually seek feedback from your clients to improve the service you offer them. Your business needs to evolve or it will die.

Undertake personal development – read, do training courses and keep yourself up to date with the latest in your industry.

Be aware of anything that may impact your future business – think Blockbuster and Netflix.

What political, economic, social and technological changes could affect you?


A useful exercise is to check out other people who offer a similar service to yours and define how you are different from them.

Make 2016 your most fruitful year yet

Anwen is running a series of webinars as part of a 30 day programme in 2016 to help you to define. Book your place here. There’s a special offer of £175 (normally £295) if you book before Christmas Eve. Find out more about Anwen and her business Get Fruitful Marketing here.

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