grown up business bookShirley Mansfield of CoachSME and author of The Grown-Up Business book gave us some great tips on why grown up businesses make more money at February’s Women in Business West Kent meeting.

To be a success you need to be professional, an expert and passionate about your business otherwise you will not be able to sustain the energy needed to grow it to its fullest potential.

Make everyone’s heart sing

Your business needs to make you happy in order for you to make someone else happy. You need to know why you are in business and why you enjoy helping someone else to succeed, as no matter what you do, the main reason you are in business to help others.

Passion, joy and enthusiasm lead to engagement which leads to business. Smiling is infectious, if you smile (as long as it is appropriate) then the person you are looking at will return your smile.

Find relevant, happy stories and incorporate them into your sales talks (e.g. your one minute presentation or 10 minute pitch)

Know where you are going and lead your team

What is your destination? If you don’t know where you are going how will you know if you have arrived? If that seems a distant dream, think about how many packages you need to sell or customers you need to acquire to reach a smaller goal along the way.

Grown-up businesses are focussed and single minded on what they want to achieve.

Surround yourself with experts and supporters

Ask for help, it’s a sign of strength!

 “No world class entrepreneur has ever done anything on their own” Michael Gerber

Find people who can do the following for you

  • Act as a sounding board
  • Hold you accountable
  • Give you a pat on the back
  • A shoulder to cry on or vent your frustrations
  • A buddy to give you honest feedback
  • And don’t forget friends for when you need to relax

Find a safe environment to bounce ideas around, for example, a networking group like Women in Business West Kent.

Create a firm and fair support network.

Set the standards and live by them

Set high standards for yourself and your staff and live by them.

Customers like to have a consistent experience, it’s why we return to the same restaurants or go to the same holiday home.

Avoid inconsistency, inconvenience and incompetence.

Set a manifesto for your business and live by it. This article by Disenthrall gives some great ideas.

Set house rules for employees (and follow them yourself!) For example:

  • We finish stuff
  • We work hard
  • We take lunch

Learn, learn and learn some more

Be constantly curious and stretch yourself personally. A growing business will require different skills to a start-up.

Be aware of what you don’t know and ensure you can find out about it (or find someone else who knows).

You need to know your numbers (and not just financials)

Some of the things you should know:

  • How many customers do you need? What’s your average order value?
  • How much stock do you carry?
  • Where does your business come from? Who are your best referrers?

Be Consistently Consistent

It’s the only way to scale a business. Put processes in place to ensure that you have the required results each time.

Solve Problems Permanently

Look for the simplest answer.

Problems are an opportunity to make something better.

Remember to keep trying until you get it right.

In Summary

You may wonder if there is a preferred order to doing all of this and the answer is yes there is – the order given above.

Which of the above are you doing consistently in your business? Have you found some harder than others? Please let us know in the comments below.

Shirley Mansfield of CoachSME is a master problem solver, board facilitator and business coach. Her latest book, The Grown-Up Business was written as a result of her work with SMEs. Shirley works with ambitious business owners who want to guide their businesses to even greater success and achievement. You can find out more about Grown-Up Businesses here and follow Shirley on Twitter.

Buy Shirley’s book from Amazon here The Grown-Up Business or click on the thumbnail image above.


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